Thursday, December 21, 2006

So, for about the last six weeks, my hair has slowly been declining into a state of horribleness. I have needed to get it colored for about 5 of the last six weeks and the back was starting to look like I had a mullet. Last night I was finally able to get into my stylist. My hair looks so much better. It is back to its vibrant red color and he cut off the mullet look. (Side note – I wasn’t going for the mullet look, I’m growing my hair out and as the layers grow out, it starts to look like a mullet). Anyway, no one has even noticed. I even wore it down today (I usually have it in a headband) and no one said a word. I even mentioned that I got my hair done yesterday and my co-worker said “oh, you got you hair colored?” OK…my hair looked like crap and now it looks so much better. I guess I am the only one that noticed or felt like I looked horrible over the last few weeks – or maybe I just look horrible all the time. If someone doesn’t say something about my hair today…I may get it all cut off.