Friday, January 19, 2007

In my last post, all I did was complain about my weight and being fat. Okay…I got it out of my system. Yes, I am doing something about it…I’m going to Weight Watchers. The plan is very doable and I can still eat all the foods I like, I just have to do it in moderation! It’s time for me to move on and stop complaining. Oh, and I lost 5 lbs. the first week!

On a more interesting note…it’s review time here at work. Can I tell everyone how much I hate review time. I hate the self-evaluation. I hate sitting in my boss’ office and having her tell me all the things I have done wrong over the last year. I love the bonus I will get come March, but I hate what it takes to get there. I’m a type A (I know, how can a fat girl be type A?), but I come off as a type B. I keep everything bottled up and I beat myself up for every single thing. So, it’s really hard to hear someone else tell me about my screw ups, because I have already been beating myself up about it.

Well, that’s all the whining I have for now. Have a great day Internet!

Monday, January 08, 2007

So my very productive evening has been spent watching TV. I have two very important subjects to discuss. 1) Ohio State Football and 2) Lifetime TV's To Be Fat Like Me.

1) Ohio State Football - What the F*uck! I can't believe they got their asses kicked by Florida. They looked like crap out there tonight. The open play of the game, Ted Ginn returned the kickoff for a touchdown. Then...that was it...that was all. Not another decent play the entire game. I kept flipping back during the commericals of the Lifetime movie. I just couldn't watch the massacre. You suck and you let me down. Damn you OSU!

2) To Be Fat Like Me - So, speaking as a fat girl...what a load of crap. There is no way that she could really understand what is like to be a fat girl by dressing as one for a month. So, she had a few comments made. She didn't have to suffer the humilation of someone not wanting to sit next to you on the plane. Chairs that are too small, everyone analyzing every bite you put in your mouth, having people make unsolicited comments about how pretty you are (now if you would only lose that weight), etc. Of course my favorite question is...Have you lost weight? That is not a compliment to me, especially when I am feeling like a huge lard ass and all I want to do is hide.

Here is the thing...I know that I am pretty...I know that I have a great personality...I know that I would have guys lined up, if I would only lose weight. I don't need people to remind me. I have finally decided in the last few weeks that I will be seeking some help on my food issues. I use food as comfort and I need to stop. I know what I need to do to lose weight, but then something happens and I eat to make myself feel better. I need to deal with this, so I can be healthy and happy for 2007.