Friday, January 19, 2007

In my last post, all I did was complain about my weight and being fat. Okay…I got it out of my system. Yes, I am doing something about it…I’m going to Weight Watchers. The plan is very doable and I can still eat all the foods I like, I just have to do it in moderation! It’s time for me to move on and stop complaining. Oh, and I lost 5 lbs. the first week!

On a more interesting note…it’s review time here at work. Can I tell everyone how much I hate review time. I hate the self-evaluation. I hate sitting in my boss’ office and having her tell me all the things I have done wrong over the last year. I love the bonus I will get come March, but I hate what it takes to get there. I’m a type A (I know, how can a fat girl be type A?), but I come off as a type B. I keep everything bottled up and I beat myself up for every single thing. So, it’s really hard to hear someone else tell me about my screw ups, because I have already been beating myself up about it.

Well, that’s all the whining I have for now. Have a great day Internet!

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