Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I've moved from the bug bite theory to some sort of allergy. I seem to have more today, but they are staying on my hands and feet. So, I am back on the Benadryl, as it seems to help. Here is the problem, working on Benadryl is very difficult. I was reading some documents for my boss today and I couldn't concentrate to save my life. We will see what tomorrow brings...I may be visiting the doctor.

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Katie T said...

Do you possibly have eczema? I do and when it first kinda "flared" I thought that I had poison ivy because it was little bumps that were incredibly itchy. You might try using a different lotion - like Cetaphil (if you have sensitive skin) or Oil of Olay Quench (it's awesome) - and see if that helps. You doc would be able to identify the signs of eczema pretty quickly. If the air is dry (lots of AC will do it) you might have a break out. I had it bad when I was living in the mountains but it's since gotten better now that I know what works for me. Good luck!