Friday, July 14, 2006

Note to NOT volunteer to head up a committee ever again. You would have thought I learned my lesson 3 years ago when I chaired my neighborhood festival, but....OOPS I did it again! I hate the politics, the pushiness and the general all around b s that goes along with it. People piss me off. We have all the typical members...

1) The guilt layer - "we missed you at the last meeting" with that accusatory tone that says, "you should have been there". Even though I had spoken to the chair of the committee and she was fully aware of where I was with my committee.
2) The list maker - she/he is the one that makes a list and presents it two days before the event. The list usually consists of things that she/he should have brought up a month ago. This causes everyone to scramble, just to please her/him.
3) The "leader" - this is the person that tries to run the committee, even though he/she didn't want to be the chairperson of the committee.
4) The "idea" person - this is the person that has lots of great ideas, but no intention of actually doing anything to implement them.
5) The "crazy" - this person rambles at every meeting about stuff that is not relevent to anything, especially the topic at hand (this person works in my department, so I have to deal with her daily).

I'm sure I could come up with a few more, but these are the ones I have had to deal with and the ones I want to smack! I can't wait for tommorrow to be over! I just keep repeating to myself - "I will never do this again"..."I will never do this again"...


Erika said... should write one of those organizational management books. There is one of each of these people in all the groups I've been involved in!!

Katie T said...

You just described my office and each and every production meeting. LOL.