Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm pretty new to this blog thing, so I have been reading other's blogs just to see what people talk about. I sometimes don't think I have much to offer creatively, but I do have an opinion on most things, so I guess I will stick to what I know. A little bit about me -

1) I'm a republican that leans to the left - my democrat friends call me a "republicrat", I'm fiscally republican, but socially democrat.
2) I think the christian coalition gives republicans a bad name. Not all republicans are that judgemental.
3) I agree with gay "marriage" and same sex partner benefits.
4) I support the troops and how they proudly serve their country. Do I agree with all the reasons we are involved in various skirmishes around the world? No, but that doesn't mean I don't support the men and women who want to help ensure that we (and others) are free to make our own decisions and express our opinions.
5) I'm sometimes not as sure of myself as I lead people to believe.
6) I love cheezy TV and movies.
7) I have a great smile and a very recognizable laugh.
8) I'm 6' tall.
9) I'm not sure John Mark Karr killed JonBenet.
10) I love Chicago and I'm glad I live here.

More to come later...I have to get ready for work!


Katie T said...

Whether or not JMK killed JonBenet(sp?) he's still a weirdo...I say send him back to a Thialand jail...

Stephanie said...

Amen Sister!

Thomas said...

I think I agreed with everything on your list.

Will you marry me?