Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Love / Hate Relationship

I have this bizzare love/hate relationship with my job. I love the company I work for - the people are nice (as a collective group), the benefits are wonderful (employee owned company), it is in a really great area, the campus is beautiful, the building has a great art collection and my cube neighbor is a cool chicky (here's your shout out CB). I hate certain aspects of my job - my job is relatively boring (not that there isn't work to do, it's just not that challenging), I have some seriously crazy coworkers, my boss and I struggle every day (we are both control freaks - but I openly admit it) and I'm just not intellectually stimulated.

Of course this love/hate relationship can cover other parts of my life -

I love Chicago/ I hate living so far away from my friends and family
I love my family / I hate when they are all up in my business
I love my car / I hate that it is 10 years old and needs me to put some serious money into it
I love the freedom of being a single gal / I hate the loneliness that accompanies singledom
I love shopping / I hate what it does to my bank account
I love my computer / I hate when I get a blue screen (see the post below)

What kind of love / hate relationship do you have?

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Katie T said...

Love / hate my job as well...

Love french fries - hate what they do to my belly

Love the idea of changing careers / hate the idea of hiking up my college loans even more